Late policy

Assignments are due at the date and time specified on the syllabus or discussed in class (Not attending class is not an excuse for failing to keep up to date on due dates). Unless I specifically note otherwise, however, you can almost always take a few extra hours without asking permission.

If you need a long extension than this, you should ask. As long as I haven’t started marking the exercise, I am usually fine with granting extensions. I am less able to accommodate extensions after I have begun marking the assignment.

If you are sick, have a family emergency, or face some other crisis, I am almost always willing to grant an extension. While I prefer to know in advance, I can accept retroactive requests when the nature of the emergency requires it. I do not normally need a doctor’s note or other evidence, though I reserve the right to ask. Read the rest of this entry »

SGS Examination procedures

Because I always need to look this up in the middle of the graduate studies handbook, the procedures for defence…

The forms

All forms can be emailed to sgs@uleth. Read the rest of this entry »

What the University of Lethbridge’s short list of candidates for Dean of Arts and Science says about it as an institution

The University of Lethbridge has just posted its short list of candidates for Dean of Arts and Science. Now that we’ve seen it, I think it is worthwhile thinking about what this says of us as an institution (full disclosure: I was an unsuccessful candidate for the position).

This is especially true because the committee this time was very much a creature of the administration. It was conducted under new rules written that give additional power to management and the incumbent (if any), and it has been run in almost complete secrecy and with almost no input from members of the University community. For better or for worse, it reflects their vision of how things should be done at this institution.

So what is there to reflect on? I think there are four main things:

  1. There are no internal candidates on the shortlist
  2. There are no female candidates on the shortlist
  3. We run the risk of recreating a disciplinary monoculture among our senior administration
  4. Although the committee was enpanelled for more than a year, the search was rushed and almost no community input was solicited
Read the rest of this entry »

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