Roundup of citations of the Lethbridge Journal Incubator

The Journal Incubator is getting on about 5 years, now. In that time, it’s been the subject of a number of mentions in various contexts: from articles by students and faculty associated with the Incubator, to passing notices of our talks or use of our CC-Licensed material. Here’s a list of 12 references (excluding conference […]

Let’s get nekkid! Stripping the user experience to the bare essentials (CSDH/SCHN Abstract)

The Visionary Cross project is an extensible, multi-object, multi-media edition of a Cultural Matrix in Anglo-Saxon England. It is built around mediated representations of sculpture, buildings, and text. It employs XML transcriptions, high resolution 2D photography, 3D laser scans, 3D photogrammetry, and a socially focussed game engine. The project is about both the objects it […]

2016 Update: A lot of work (and some stresses) behind the scenes

I see with horror that it’s been a year since we last posted something to the Visionary Cross site! This is not due to lack of work, as there has been plenty going on behind the scenes. Rather it has been the result of a series of unfortunate circumstances (especially a series of student sick-leaves) […]

Well that’s that. Solving (?) the VC model and workflow

Yesterday, Dot Porter, one of the leads on the Visionary Cross project visited Lethbridge for a project meeting (and to speak to my DH class). The main purpose of her meeting was to plan the work that needs to happen on the Digital Library side of the project. This is a core issue for us. […]

The Ruthwell Cross Runes like you’ve never seen them before

Some screenshots from the highest resolution scans of the cross, showing the runes and the Archer panel…

New edition of the Visionary Cross Presenter released for beta testing

A new version of the Visionary Cross presenter is has just been released for beta testing. The presenter is an interface for navigating and presenting the Visionary Cross project’s scans of the Ruthwell Cross. It is particularly intended for use by students, in the classroom, and by the general public. The presenter has panes for […]

Screenshots from Unreal reconstruction of the Ruthwell Kirk

Project Co-Investigator James Graham and his research team have just released some demo screenshots from their Unreal-engine reconstruction of the Ruthwell Kirk Here are some highlights:    

Fan Yan to join the Visionary Cross Project as MITACS Global Link Fellowship

Chinese Undergraduate Student Fan Yan (Eileen) has been accepted by Mitacs and the Visionary Cross Project to work as the project’s first Mitacs Global Link Fellow. Ms. Fan will be joining the project to work on interface design with Gurpreet Singh, Daniel O’Donnell (both University of Lethbridge), Matteo Dellepiane and Marco Callieri (both CNR-ISTI), and […]

Visionary Cross joins GRAND-NCE

The Visionary Cross project is joining the Graphics, Animation, and New Media National Centre of Excellence (GRAND-NCE). The project is one of twelve Canadian Digital Humanities projects to join the National Centre of excellence this year as part of the Digital Humanities (DIG-HUM) Subproject. O’Donnell is one of the leads on the Digital Cultural Heritage […]

Living out loud: The Visionary Cross Project and the Public Humanities

A new presentation by Heather Hobma, Daniel Paul O’Donnell, Marco Callieri, Matteo Dellepiane, James Graham, Catherine Karkov, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco. Living out loud: The Visionary Cross Project and the Public Humanities from Daniel O’Donnell

Visionary Cross project announces collaboration with Timothy J. Ray on Theatrical “Lessons and Carols” service

The Visionary Cross project has recently begun helping dramaturg Timothy J. Ray on his “Dreaming Rood” Lessons and Carols service. Ray describes the “The Dreaming Rood” as an ecumenical service of “lessons and carols” celebrating the mystery of the Incarnation organized around the images of the ancient preaching cross of Ruthwell in southern Scotland. The […]

Visionary Cross project joins proposed GRAND Digital Humanities Initiative

The Visionary Cross project has been invited to join the Digital Humanities (DIGHUM) project stream proposed for inclusion in Phase 2 of GRAND (Graphisme, animation et nouveaux médias/Graphics, Animation and New Media), a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada. The project is one of two proposed for the first round of the DigiCultH (Digital […]

Beta release of Digital Vercelli Book (Dream of the Rood and Homily 23) now available

The Digital Vercelli Book, one of the partner projects in the Visionary Cross project, is pleased to announce a beta release. This release, which contains the The Dream of the Rood and Homily 23 is intended to gather feedback on the current user interface and software. The beta version is now freely available at the […]

Beta testers sought for Ruthwell Cross viewer

The Visionary Cross project is preparing a launch of a beta version of its Ruthwell Cross viewer. This is a web-based 3D facsimile of the Ruthwell Cross with annotations suitable for students and the general public. It should be of interest to students, members of the general public, and professional art historians, linguists, historians, and […]

Visionary Cross/ISTI-CNR paper wins best paper award, Digital Heritage International Congress and ACM Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage

“The Dream and the Cross: a 3D-referenced, web-based digital edition” (Chiara Leoni, Marco Callieri, Matteo Dellepiane, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, Daniel Paul O’Donnell, Roberto Scopigno)  has been recognised as Best Paper at the 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress in Marseille. Chiara Leoni is a student at the Università degli studi di Pisa. Marco Callieri and […]