Gnome extensions not working in Ubuntu 21.04 (solved)

A couple of useful tools that I rely on a lot are caffeine (a tool for disabling the screensaver) and, especially, system monitor (a tool for tracking memory use, CPU use, and so on). With the rise in online meetings due to the COVID emergency, this last has been particularly important: Firefox and Zoom together can rapidly cause trouble and it’s important for me to see when I’m about to run out of memory or my CPUs are straining.

With my update to Ubuntu 21.04, Hirsute Hippo, I somehow couldn’t get either to work. I installed the Gnome Shell extensions add on to firefox, but no mater how many times I turned things on there, nothing happened in the system bar.

The answer in my particular case was that the place to turn extensions on is via the Gnome-Tweaks tool. That was it.

Having said this, as I researched this, I saw lots of people who had different issues from me that I suspect won’t be solved by this. These include:

  1. if you don’t have gnome tweaks installed;
  2. if you are using Wayland rather than X11 as your windows manager
  3. If you are trying to use Gnome 40 rather than the default Gnome 38.

But if you are using Gnome 38 with X11 on a standard install and have the latest Gnome Tweaks installed, that’s where to go.



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