Master slides in Libreoffice reminders

Some quick reminders for my own use about master slides in Office

Turn on default sections

Impress master slides come with some sections built in (e.g. slide count, date, etc.). But by default these sections don’t appear unless you turn them on.

To turn them on:

  • Insert > Header/Footer > make sure the relevant section is checked in the dialogue that opens.

Change the master slide

  1. Make sure the template/master slide you want is already installed (i.e. in your templates).
    1. You add one by File > Templates > Manage then selecting the collection you want to add to by double clicking, then choose import to imprt
  2. Choose “Masters” for the side bar (use the hamburger in the side pain or the Master Slide Icon)
  3. Right click on desired slide and follow the instructions. You can apply them to all slides, or selected slides.

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