2016 Update: A lot of work (and some stresses) behind the scenes

I see with horror that it’s been a year since we last posted something to the Visionary Cross site! This is not due to lack of work, as there has been plenty going on behind the scenes. Rather it has been the result of a series of unfortunate circumstances (especially a series of student sick-leaves) […]

English 1900g: Introduction to English Language and Literature (Spring 2017)

Note: This is a draft syllabus based on Fall 2014, which I am providing for planning purposes. The readings will be the same in Spring 2017. Assessment and precise scheduling are subject to change before the last day of add/drop.

About this course

English 1900 is the introductory course in our department. It is a prerequisite for all higher level courses. The purpose of English 1900 is to introduce students to the study of literature and to provide opportunity to practice analytical reading, thinking, writing about texts, and writing about metaphor examples. This section of English 1900 will focus particularly on discovery and communication: uncovering our (often unrealised) critical responses to texts and developing these into compelling and interesting arguments. Read the rest of this entry »

English 3450a: Old English (Spring 2017)

Note: This is draft syllabus based on the Fall 2015 offering. It is subject to revision before the last day of the add/drop period. The reading order and pace is subject to change throughout the semester.

Some tips on getting answers to email

Email is the bane of academic life. All of us hate it; most of us are very bad at answering it. If you edit a journal, it is even worse, since you need people to answer their email in a timely fashion.

At the Centre for the Study of Scholarly Communication Journal Incubator, getting people to answer email is what we do. Here are some tips we’ve found useful.


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