Getting MIDI to work in Ardour/Jack

I’ve been struggling for a while to get MIDI to work properly in Ardour—i.e. in a way that didn’t involve hand drawing of MIDI notes. Since what was stopping me was of the “is the computer plugged into an outlet” variety of problem, I thought I’d say what I fixed here.

The problem

The basic problem was that I couldn’t get any MIDI controller to register a note in Ardour. I could (I thought) hook up the connections correctly in JACK (and I was in fact doing it correctly), but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get my inputs to be reflected in Ardour when I tried to record. More annoyingly, it had worked in the beginning when I first set Ardour up.

The solution

The solution is to make sure that the MIDI input is enabled in your track. Basically what was going wrong was that the little MIDI symbol in the top right (circled in the image) wasn’t green. When I clicked on it to make it green, the connector worked.

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