English 2810a: English Grammar (Spring 2014)

English 2810 Grammar is a technical course in the form and structure of the English language. Our focus will be descriptive rather than prescriptive. Students will learn how the language works in actual practice rather than how people think it ought to be spoken or written.

In addition to its intrinsic interest, the study of descriptive grammar can be useful for anybody interested in working with the English language, as it provides a framework and set of terms for understanding how the language works.

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Beta release of Digital Vercelli Book (Dream of the Rood and Homily 23) now available

The Digital Vercelli Book, one of the partner projects in the Visionary Cross project, is pleased to announce a beta release. This release, which contains the The Dream of the Rood and Homily 23 is intended to gather feedback on the current user interface and software. The beta version is now freely available at the […]

Beta testers sought for Ruthwell Cross viewer

The Visionary Cross project is preparing a launch of a beta version of its Ruthwell Cross viewer. This is a web-based 3D facsimile of the Ruthwell Cross with annotations suitable for students and the general public. It should be of interest to students, members of the general public, and professional art historians, linguists, historians, and […]

Proposed Bylaws

The following bylaws have been developed by the founding executive of GO::DH. They are presented to the membership of the Global Outlook::Digital Humanities mailing list for comment and approval. Preamble The name of this organisation is ‘Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities’ (hereafter abbreviated ‘GO::DH’). The primary purpose of GO::DH is to help break down barriers […]

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