English 3450a: What I did/did not know about Anglo-Saxon England (Revised assignement)



Do some preliminary internet research on some aspect of the history, life, language, literature, or culture of Anglo-Saxon England. Find some introductory resources that interest you and write a short report discussing some aspect you found interesting.


The goal of this project is to help you begin your study of Anglo-Saxon England by learning about topics that interest you and that you may want to follow up on as part of your final project (there is no obligation to do so, however). The best work would therefore most likely involve more than one source. At this stage, the work need not (probably should not) be exhaustive. All you need really is to identify an area that might be interesting to look at further.


This is a formative exercise and hence will not count again directly against your final grade (unless of course it is the best grade in the category). It is being assigned to help you begin to organise your interests in advance of beginning your final project.

I will be assigning you a grade so that you can use this to assess your own progress. For this project, I will be following my standard essay rubric, though with less emphasis on argument and thesis and more on evidence of engagement and problem definition. I will also be taking into account the preliminary and slightly informal nature of the assignment.

Due date and Length.

  • Due: See syllabus for date and method of submission.
  • Length: Minimum 2-3pp (i.e. 600-900 words); maximum: 5-6pp (i.e. 1500-1800 words). All page limits are double-spaced.
  • Presentation: Please follow my standard style sheet.



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