…Done dirt cheap? Impact vs. funding in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Lethbridge

Robert Sutherland, the chair of Neuroscience at the U of L, put me onto an interesting report yesterday, P. Jarvey and A. Usher, Measuring Academic Research in Canada: Field-Normalized University Rankings 2012 (Toronto: Higher Education Strategy Associates, 2012).

What this shows is that the University of Lethbridge is on the whole a middle-ranked institution when it comes to impact scores and funding success. Read the rest of this entry »

Project update: meshes complete; common repository established

A brief project update. Now that we are starting to get our data in usable shape, we hope to report more regularly here about what we are doing. Last week, Matteo, Marco, and their students at ISTI finished processing the main meshes of the cross, minus the textures. This means, in essence, that we have […]

Shit humanists say: A response to “English Profs want to control the internet”

This is a response to “English Profs want to control the Internet”, by somebody who apparently doesn’t want their name front-and-centre. It is slightly modified from the comment I submitted, but since this is actual and it is in a moderation queue, I decided to post it here as well. I wouldn’t mind returning to the topic, to be honest.

I find the genre of this piece (“humanists say the darndest things”) about as tiring as the debate about tweeting conferences. It is pretty easy to make fun of ongoing conversations in any discipline you don’t normally follow, especially if, as others have pointed out, you don’t actually read the things you are linking to, let alone the broad context in which they are being written. Yesterday the Chronicle was reporting on scientists who peer review their own articles by creating fake email addresses and even entire identities. Yet I can resist the temptation to suggest that this must mean that all natural and medical sciences are one large circle jerk.

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