“It’s fantastic that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph”: Greatest comment spam

One of my fun tasks every day is emptying the comment spam. There’s always something worth reading. Until now, I’ve been trashing them. But I think I’ll start preserving the better ones here. This is a post that should be updated a lot!

you write your posts with so much whimsy that is very nice reading them. –Dulcelina, commenting on “Testing if a list is empty in textpattern.”

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and I believe you too, Elzira!

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I’d ask Antonieta what she thinks, first! Though I guess Crispiana might agree.

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improve website design… — Christiane

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Since the posting was on how to make the WordPress RSS widget refresh itself more quickly, I’m glad I was able to surprise!

i don’t get what you’ve said, but i always appreciate different points of views.–Clenira

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(blush). Evaralda: If you think this about my entry on fixing stylesheets in OJS, you should take a look at some of the non-technical postings!

website can be improved.–Angelina

Comments are generally free-learning for article creators. Those that feel they have no more to discover will probably turn them off to begin with.–vw


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