Rejigging my online presence

The last time I did some serious work about my online presence was six years ago, or so. At the time I replaced my old static professional websites (pre-2004 and 2004-2006) with a new site built using a Textpattern CMS install.

Those were different days. When I set up the latest version of my website, the Wikipedia was four years old, Twitter had just been developed, Facebook had just opened itself to access by the general public, Digital Medievalist and ADHO were a year old, and Digital Classicist was just being formed. The term Digital Humanities itself was about 5 years old and far from in common parlance.

I’m beginning to think this Internet thing may not be a fad (Mark Zuckerberg apparently disagrees). And after the success of our recent attempt to live tweet and blog our work scanning and photographing the Ruthwell Cross as part of the Visionary Cross project, I  think it is time to revisit how I am publishing my teaching and research more generally on the web.

In the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll be revising my University of Lethbridge site along similar lines. Once the revisions are finished, I hope to start using that site primarily for teaching material, and this site for more general and research and technical notes and comments; amongst other things, this will involve copying postings people have found useful on my uleth site here (although, since cool URLs don’t change, I will be leaving the pages in place in their old locations as well).


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