An Anglo-Saxon Timeline

This contains a link to an experiment in constructing a timeline of the Anglo-Saxon period using XML. It is very much a work in progress at the moment. The ultimate goal will be to have a synoptic oversight and index that will allow students to click on major events, persons, or cultural artefacts and then see how they fit in with other milestones. At the moment, the chart only includes Kings. And even then still in fairly rough fashion. Read the rest of this entry »

Lost in Logout Land: Running Scripts on Login and Logout (Partially Solved but Interesting Anyway)

Every time I log on to one of my various computers, I update my basic file directories. Every time I log out, I back them up to a central server, which is itself updated six times a day. The issue for me is that this all happens by hand. Every time I log on to a new computer, I need to manually run an update script. Every time I log out, I run the backup script. What I’d really like is a script that automatically synchronises each computer with the central server the moment I log on, and updates the central server again the moment I log off.


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