Old English Metre: A Brief Guide

Although the Anglo-Saxons left no accounts of their metrical organisation, statistical and linguistic analysis of the poetic corpus has allowed us to come up with a good idea as to how their verse worked. Read the rest of this entry »

Two things I wish Linux distributions could improve

I’ve been using Linux (Ubuntu for the most part) for two years now as my primary operating system and I wouldn’t go back to Windows. Switching to Linux has changed the way I work with and understand “my computer.” When I was a Windows user, I had a number of different computers which were more or less incompatible: an XP Pro on my desk at my home office, a Win 98 (later Win 2000) on my desk at work, a laptop with Win 98 on it, and my wife’s computer (a laptop Win Me).


My new (2006-) version of this site is built using Textpattern. This is an open source Content Management System (CMS)—in other words, software that allows one to organise material in a website.

Using SSH to Access Multiple Machines at a Single Domain

This is a neat trick for accessing multiple servers via a single domain name or IP(Internet Protocol) address using ssh. If you aren’t using ssh or if you don’t understand anything in that last sentence, this ain’t something you care about.


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